MiFine Bluetooth Earbuds

Y’all just thought I was kidding when I said I liked Bluetooth headphones.

This is an earbud, not a headphone, so it’s not my favorite style, but this one has a couple features that I really liked so I thought I’d give them a whirl. I wasn’t disappointed with the features, but they’re still an earbud, so for me, it’s not an “all day every day” wearable, but still very nice for the occasional wear.

MiFine Bluetooth Earbuds

PROS for the Mifine Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Excellent packaging. It comes in a really nice reusable acrylic box. It’s a little too big to use to store the headphones alone in, but it’s great for keeping other things. I love packaging that you can reuse rather than discard.
  • All the controls are on the earbud itself. Many of the bluetooth earbuds put the controls along the wire, which causes the wire to become heavier on one side and can cause the earbuds to fall off easier when they are just laying on your neck.
  • Simplified controls are easy to learn, easy to find when you’re wearing them. On/Off and volume controls.
  • Good quality sound for phone called and music. I listen to audio books most of the time, and this was great for them. Music sounded good too, I’m not an audiophile but I can tell you the sounds were clear and the microphone worked well during phone calls.
  • Flat wire connecting the earbuds. I’ve heard the flat wires are better than round because it makes the wires less likely to break. I’ve had flat wires break and round wires break, I’m not sure if one is better than the other for longevity. I do know I like the look of the flat wires better than the round wires.
  • Plastic “screen” between the earbud and the ear. My camera isn’t good enough to capture this, but lots of earbuds have a metal screen preventing ear gunk from getting into the mechanisms of the ear bud. I’ve had this come out on a few pairs and I’m always worried it’s going to come out in my ear and I’ll never find it. This one has a built in plastic screen that can’t come out.

CONS for the Mifine Bluetooth Earbuds

  • It only has an on/off/play/stop button and volume controls, but since I rarely use my skip forward buttons on other headphones, this isn’t a bad thing for me.
  • Really bright bluetooth light. I usually end up having to put a piece of tape on the light just because I hate blinding people with the light and this is going to be one of those headphones I’m going to need to do that.


Really nice set of earbuds. Has good sound quality and easy to operate. Love the box they come in. Battery life is good and they charge quickly. I like the “phone” shape of the bluetooth light, even though it’s pretty bright. They come in a green and black version as well as a solid black.

Purchase Information:

I received these earbuds at a discount for testing purposes. I do not accept products for review unless I have a legitimate need or desire to test them out. I always strive to give an honest review. The product links in my review are potentially “affiliate” links in which I might receive a small payment based off your purchase that will in no way affect your purchase price.


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