Wireless Doorbells

Before we moved out here, I swore I’d never have a gate. I hate gates. I hate having to get out of my car to open the gate. I hate having to get back in my car to drive through the gate. I hate having to get out of my car to close the gate. I hate that I don’t trust anyone but my immediate family to correctly open and latch the gate properly so my animals don’t escape. I hate that people have no problem sitting at the end of my driveway and get annoyed that I haven’t noticed they’re there yet.

Fortunately I may have that last one figured out. Enter the Wireless Doorbell. Now usually you’ll get one of these if your house isn’t already wired for a doorbell, but I have no need for a doorbell. I need people to be able to get my attention from the gate that is over 160 feet away from the house.

Enter the Plusinno Physen Series wireless doorbell. It’s got a 500 ft range, an excessive amount of ringtones and it looks pretty sharp to boot. Honestly there’s only about 3 ringtones you’d ever use, but the devil in me likes to think I’ll set it to one of the really long ringtones and go outside and ring it constantly. I don’t.. but the thought is always there.

2015-09-25 068

Here’s all the items you get when you order it. The doorbell transmitter, the receiver, a sign for those people that need directions regarding the use of doorbells and the hardware to attach the transmitter to whatever you’re attaching it to.

It’s very easy to set up. You’ve got your receiver that just plugs into a standard outlet and the doorbell that you can attach with double sided foam tape or with screws. Both types of hardware are included (a real bonus because I never seem to have the pieces I need laying around.) The doorbell comes with the batteries installed so you just pull out the plastic tag and it starts right up.

The receiver has a volume button so you can choose between 3 levels and 1 button for choosing the ringtone. It defaults to a generic ding-dong ding-dong but there are 52 melodies to choose from. There are several Christmas ones, some classical ones, some kid friendly nursery rhyme chants and even a Coo-coo clock and dog barking. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that makes you happy. My only real complaint on the melodies is that they run a little long. For instance, one of the songs is “Oh Suzanna” and it does the music for the chorus and one verse.

2015-10-03 022 copy

I added a solar light to the top of the doorbell

You can change/select your ringtone by selecting the ringtone then hold down doorbell and push the two buttons on the receiver at the same time. It’s very quick and easy, the only difficult part is if you go too fast through the ringtones and have to cycle back through them all to get back. 🙂

2015-10-03 163 copy

The doorbell / light combination at night.

We created a quick little wooden panel that is attached to the fence so people can just ring the doorbell if they need us. Not sure if it’s a bad thing or a good thing, but the only people that have used it so far is the family when they are trying to annoy the people inside the house.

As of the time of this post the doorbell is around $15. You almost can’t eat dinner for that much so it’s a very small investment with a very large return.


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